Preparing To Bring Your Puppy Home


Litterbox Training

Did you know that puppies begin to develop a TEXTURE  preference for where they go potty at just 3 weeks of age?  The texture of the surface they are provided to use as a Bathroom spot will influence them for the rest of their life. That is why we do not use pee pads or newspaper with our puppies!  Peepads feel an aweful lot like a rug to your puppy!

We begin litter box training all of our puppies at 3 weeks of age. We use Astro turf “potty patches”

Litterbox Training has several advantages for our new owners. First it allows you to limit the amount of exposure to germs and diseases outside during the first few weeks when your puppy’s immune system is not fully developed. It also is nice for winter babies so that you don’t have to spend time freezing outside while waiting for your puppy to potty!  

It is a very easy transition from Litterbox training to housetraining. We recommend placing your litter box by the door you want your puppy to use. Then once they use the box by the door you can move it just outside the door. Then you simply place it in the spot in your yard you would like to use as a potty area. 

Shopping for Supplies

Bringing home your new puppy can be both exciting and overwhelming! I have put together a List of helpful Items that can be found on Amazon (or other places if you prefer).