Our Visitation Policy - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


Our Ranch

We own and Operate a large Horse Boarding And training facility. We have three barns with a total of 84 stalls and we care for around 100 horses total. We live above the main barn in an apartment that overlooks the horses.  We have clients in and out from 6am to 10pm. Since the horses do present some safety and liability issues we try to limit visitors during certain times when it is busy here. We also homeschool our two children, so we are often very busy as you can imagine!  For that reason we would Like to stress that visits are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We would love to show you around but it is hard to be able to just drop everything we are doing when people randomly show up here at the ranch wanting to look at our dogs.  


We Love Visitors.....

We would love to have you come meet us and our dogs. When our puppies are very young we try to give the new Mom privacy and don’t allow visitors to see the puppies. This is simply to prevent Mom from getting stressed. New moms are usually very protective and when they get nervous they can accidentally step on puppies or hurt them by trying to gather and hide them. A stressed Mom =stressed puppies.


If you can’t physically come visit.....

If you live out of state and can’t come visit the ranch we are happy to FaceTime with you and let you see the puppies. We do ask that you remember that we do have children and a large horse operation that does take up a good bit of our time.  We are happy to accommodate requests to FaceTime but ask that you be flexible since our schedule is always changing around the ranch.