Delivery Options

Puppy Nanny

We have several wonderful puppy nannies that can fly with your baby. Puppy nannies typically fly standby so you have to be flexible because they may get kicked off a flight right before boarding time and your pickup date can change last minute. This option usually cost $400-500 depending on destination city. 

Premium Hand Delivery

 We offer personal Hand delivery of your puppy!  This means your baby will fly in my lap and be handed directly to you at the airport. If you need Hand delivery it is best to plan it well in advance in order to get the best ticket prices. Cost varies and is simply the cost of the plane tickets plus $250 (which covers the pet fee, parking, etc) 

Ground Transport

We occasionally put together a road trip to deliver puppies to their new homes. This works great if we have several puppies going to the Same general area and can be very cost effective.