So You Want A Poodle??

Poodles are a wonderful and versatile breed. In America Poodles come in three sizes that are classified by height at the shoulders....... toy (under 10 inches), Miniature (10-14 inches), and Standard (anything over 15 inches). All three sizes are considered one breed. In Europe there are 4 sizes recognized. Toy, miniature, medium (Called moyen or Klein depending on the country), and Standard. 

We specialize in Standard and Medium Poodles. 


Poodles have a dense curly coat that continually grows. That means they require regular grooming and maintenance. The length you want to keep your poodle’s hair will dictate how much brushing and grooming you must do. When they are kept in a shorter clip their hair is less likely to matt or tangle (always watch behind their ears and under their collar because friction WILL cause tangled. You should expect to have your poodle groomed every 4-6 weeks. Many poodle owners choose to learn to groom their own dogs. If that is something you are interested in learning we are always willing to help you learn. It is always nice though to be able to drop your poodle off for a”spa day” and not have to hassle with purchasing all the equipment necessary to groom your own dog. We begin grooming our puppies at 3 weeks of age so that they learn that grooming isn’t scary...... Poodles who are introduced to regular grooming at a young age learn to enjoy the grooming process. Who wouldn’t love getting pampered and primped on a regular basis?  I know I sure would!  


Poodles are extremely intelligent. They learn very quickly and are a breed with many talents!  They were originally developed in Germany as a hunting retriever. That is where that “crazy” haircut you see on show dogs originated. Hair was shaved off to reduce the amount of weight when they were swimming and only left to cover their heart and lungs (chest), the kidneys (those funny poofs on their hips) and the joints (the bracelets of hair on their feet). The tail was also left fluffy so the hunter could see the dog while swimming....... like a flag sticking out of the water.  Poodles also excellent at other tasks. Did you know that a team of Poodles pulled a sled in the Iditarod?  Poodles are great at agility and obedience. They are also great at herding. 

Poodles also make wonderful family members. We select well rounded dogs for our breeding program. We strive to produce poodles that are happy and playful but NOT hyper. We want dogs that can go from romping and playing to happily lounging at your feet or laying beside you on the couch. 


Like any purebred Breed Poodles do have health problems that appear. Hip dysplasia, eye problems, VWD (bleeding disorder), sebasious Adenitis, Addison’s, and thyroid problems are some of The most common. We do genetic testing on all our breeding dogs for all the disorders that can be tested for currently. We also evaluate our dogs hips and patellas. By only breeding dogs with good hips and patellas we can help reduce the likelihood of those problems showing up in our puppies. Unfortunately this does not guarantee that our puppies will never be affected since environment also plays a role in these issues..... but by making informed breeding choices we can stack the odds in our favor!